Face to Face

Nikos Vavatsis, Melina Gialama, Thalia Keroulis, Fotini Hamidieli, Paolo Incarnato

Face-to-face works among themselves, but also with the viewer, penetrate into his gaze and engage in dialogue with the innermost self. Different visual styles converse in a joint exhibition on the theme of the portrait. The portraits of Nikos Vavatsis function as mirrors. With the first look, they look like a deforming of the human face, as its features are “buried” under overlapping, persistent and crude strokes, which detract from this magical function that composes the uniqueness of each person. The abstraction approach distorts the form which is the first material for the identification of the other, opening a way inward, towards the interior of existence.

Melina Gialama is inspired by fairy tales, because they do not know the midst, as they all range between the limbs. In addition, they do not know the common measure of the common man, which is also reflected in the eyes of the children. The works personalize and personify different elements beyond the logic of space and time and extend indiscriminately from the organic to the inorganic world, from humans and animals to trees and flowers.

The paper becomes a color for Thalia Keroulis who uses papers to draw collage portraits of large and small dimensions. Portraits made from recyclable papers compose the forms that resemble “interior landscapes”. As geographic maps that show the paths, the morphology of a place, the portrait tells us the psychological composition of a person, his individual identity and his unique identity.

Fotini Hamidieli exposes part of a large series of projects that began while we were in the midst of the financial crisis and continues to return to the subject at various times under the general title “in the woods”. Her works are inspired by the sense of darkness and unseen threat that can surround us when we find ourselves in an unfamiliar environment. Forms-shadows wander in places where there is no liquidity and no certainty.

Inside the sculptures of Paolo Incarnato there is the concept of classical and modern. In a series of busts made from gypsum in the traditional way, sections with hard cuts are removed. Their place is filled with iron parts from machine parts to a combination of two different materials, each giving us a completely separate stand.

Nikos Vavatsis, Melina Gialama, Thalia Keroulis, Fotini Hamidieli, Paolo Incarnato



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